The Leaf of Faith – Specifics Types and Uses


Kratom, often referred to as the leaf of faith, has various medicinal uses to help improve, manage and maintain our daily lifestyles. Kratom can be used for many different benefits, such as a therapeutic treatment for chronic pain to aiding in recovering from opium addiction. The leaf of faith can also help with depression, anxiety, mood management, weight loss, and much more.

It is important to know that there are different types of Kratom for different conditions. Together we will explore what you need to know about Kratom for treating the following:

Which Kratom is Best for Weight loss

It is no surprise that Kratom is used for weight loss, due to several indirect and direct factors. It is entirely natural, unlike many of the diet weight loss pills that cause harm and may later put your health at risk. If you are targeting weight loss with kratom, it is important to know the right information about the type of strain to use.

  • Maeng Da – is the strongest and most effective kratom strain. It provides you with increased energy and a stimulating effect needed to shed excess weight.
  • White Vein – this particular strain is notable for its appetite suppressing effect. It provides sufficient energy while allowing you to stay relaxed.
  • Thai Strains  this strain is a natural appetite suppressant due to its power and energy boosting properties.


The effects of these strains may include: increased energy level, increased metabolism, and appetite suppression. You may also experience a reduction in cravings caused by the alkaloids in the plant (which have the capability to trigger the brain to no longer crave unhealthy foods such as carbs, processed fats and sugars.)  The potency of these Kratom strains is increased when taken on an empty stomach.


What Kratom Gives Energy and Pain

Daily life is exhausting and demanding, and stress can wear out the body and mind. This is why many people ignorantly turn to the use of hazardous substances, that may provide short-term relief but cause your body and system long-term side effects and harm. The right strain of Kratom boosts your energy without any harm to your health. The best Kratom strain for energy are;

  • Maeng Da  – is one of the strains for energy boost. Maeng Da will leave you feeling energized.
  • White Vein Thai – this strain is undoubtedly very perfect for energy boosting. It is beneficial when you get worn out from exhausting tasks at home or at work.
  • Vietnam Strains– Vietnam strains are becoming very popular. They are quite very energetic and have similar effects to Maeng Da strains,  they give coherent mental energy needed to thrive even in the most stressful environment.
  • Thai Strains –they are kratom with great energizing effect due to their high level mitragynine, they are also very potent pain relievers.


Which Kratom is Best for Anxiety

Anxiety is detrimental to an individual’s mental health and can cause a disturbance in one’s daily life. The types of Kratom below are the strains most effective for treating anxiety:

  • Red Vein Kratom- is considered the most effective of all the strains for anxiety relief. Red Vein Kratom has increased sedative and pain relieving benefits.
  • Borneo Kratom– is one of the best strains for treating anxiety problems. These have high levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine and low levels of mitragynine, which are responsible for treating anxiety.  Red Vein Borneo Kratom provides soothing and relaxing benefits, as it contains the strongest alkaloid content among the strains.
  • Indo Kratom–  is similar to Borneo in its anxiety relief properties. The main difference is that it’s not as strong of a sedative. It does not act as a stimulatant, therefore does not interfere with anxiolytic results.
  • Bali Kratomis a less expensive strain compared to Borneo and Indo Kratom, but also very effective for anxiety relief.


Which Kratom is Best for Social Anxiety

People with social anxiety disorder are often shy and find it hard to relate and interact with others. Some individuals find it difficult and fear social gatherings, often feel embarrassed about their appearance or personal traits. The right strain of Kratom can boost confidence and how you feel about yourself.


Which Kratom is Best for Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder, a medical illness that negatively affects how you think, feel, and act. Depression is very dangerous when uncontrolled or left untreated. Kratom is used to treat mood disorders as a natural anti-depressant. It is crucial to identify the best Kratom that is effective in treating depression and improving your mood.

  • Thai Maeng Da may offer you a balance of both energy and mood enhancer.
  • Bali & Borneo have incredible potency for mood enhancement.


Which Kratom is Best for Sleep

Sleep is essential to strengthen our overall body, functions and system. Sleep plays a vital role in living a healthy lifestyle, with proven benefits from getting sufficient sleep on a daily basis. A good night’s rest can make you glow and radiate, while providing sufficient energy for your daily activities. Meanwhile, a poor sleeping pattern can increase the risk of serious health conditions such as  heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. If you are struggling to get enough sleep, Kratom is ideal for your insomnia and sleeping problems. The Red Strains are the best Kratom strains for healthy sleep and are generally used due to their sedative properties.


What Kratom contains the highest level of 7-hydroxymitragynine

Kratom has a variety of strains, the ones with the highest level of 7-hydroxymitragynine are Maeng Da Kratom, Thai Kratom, Bali Kratom, Borneo, and Indo Kratom.


Which Kratom is Best for Withdrawal
  • The best Kratom for withdrawal from Opiate is Sumatra Red Vein Powder.
  • Green Thai Powder is useful for patients suffering from Sexual dysfunction as a result of Opiate withdrawal.


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