The Kinabatangan Harvest Trail

From Jungle Harvesting to Modern Day Packaging

This amazing leaf sourced from the coffee related Mitragyna Speciosa tree has a multitude of beneficial properties, yet only few are aware of the process occurring between harvesting and packaging Kratom.
By comparing competitor’s products and their processes, we know that our quality measures and extra production steps taken to ensure the quality and potency of our product is unique and one which we are extremely proud of.
The leaves are first harvested by hand in remote areas of Sumatra, Kalimantan and other parts of South East Asia. It’s a tricky and potentially dangerous job to get to these leaves as the trunks are large and slippery since they are found predominantly along the banks of rivers. This is a rainforest after all!
Each step in the process of making a great Kratom product is crucial to be done just right to have a true quality end product.
The Collection of The Leaves

All Kratom leaves are carefully selected and separated by their vein type so as to not mix the wrong ones together.
The Drying and Hanging Process

Once collected, the Kratom leaves are transported promptly on the same day as harvesting to our drying facilities as in the picture above. If they are overly compacted or not transported immediately in cool aerated containers, heat would ferment the leaves and spoil them in a matter of hours in the intense tropical heat. Our drying facilities are many hours away from collection points so this process is crucial to ensure quality. Hence we only move fresh picked leaves at night when the air is cooler.
If you have ever experienced a poor quality Kratom aroma that is not “right” or lacks potency, not following this one essential step is the biggest reason quality is compromised. Note in the photo above, the care taken to bind each bunch of leaves upside down by the stems evenly to dry.
It takes 10 kilos of dried Kratom leaf to produce a mere 1 kilo of dried Kratom matter. This does not include the refining processes which subsequently removes even more material.
Selecting Leaves and Removing Stem.

In this stage Kratom leaves are carefully selected by hand for their color, size and quality. We remove about 20% of dry weight in the stage. The Kratom leaves are then further crushed and hand sieved to remove all the stems and other fibers as seen in the photo below.
Storing the Product

It’s not just enough to place the dried and selected leaves into airtight bags. Into each bag, pure nitrogen gas is injected before securing it tightly. Don’t worry, nitrogen is non toxic and 78% of what we breathe. In the nitrogen rich environment, leaves do not oxidize or decompose or very little so it helps preserve Kratom leaves and their freshness. This also prevents any micro bacterial activity in our Kratom products.
Processing the leaves

The Kratom leaves are then transported to our final processing facility where the production team creates our quality Kratom products. When the airtight bags arrive, the production team places them in our “warm dry room” to further remove any remaining moisture. The crushed Kratom leaves are slowly ground in a special high grade stainless steel machine to create our premium line of products. Fine grain Kratom goes through just one grinder and the micro grain Kratom is passed through a second super fine grinder.
But wait! We are still not done here. Once pulverised, each powder still requires filtering to remove any remaining fibers. The team use varying stainless steel meshes to filter and remove a significant amount of unwanted fibers. By completing this extra step, Living Botanics ensures the most concentrated product is produced. We encourage you to examine and see the difference yourself.
Packaging our Products.

Our final products are now ready to be carefully packaged and placed into high quality plastic bags and sealed. To be sure they are well sealed we use a second bag as well to double wrap and seal each package prior to shipping. When you receive your shipment and you open the bags you will instantly smell the fresh aroma of this special rainforest botanical.
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