Kratom For Weight Loss


Kratom for weight loss is the answer to your ending struggle of losing weight.  Have you tried to lose weight before, or currently on a weight loss journey? I’m sure we can agree that trying to lose weight is not easy. For most people it is not a walk in the park or a piece of cake. Apart from tiresome exercise and  strenuous workouts, you have to be mindful of your diet. This means you have to develop healthy eating habits if you want results. Now this is where people usually struggle, especially since junk food is too attractive, addicting, and appetizing to ignore.

This is where kratom comes to the rescue: Kratom for weight loss!


Kratom is not only used for weight loss, it has medical and therapeutic advantages that have been used for centuries. Kratom has been known to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain; enhance energy and mental focus, among other things. Not only will the regular use of kratom help you lose a significant amount of weight, you will also receive these additional benefits.

Kratom works differently for every person because there are so many unique factors that separate us as humans. Kratom works directly and indirectly to ensure weight loss results. Kratom works because it controls food cravings, suppresses your appetite, and helps to prevent future weight gain. Let’s look into this a little closer-

Appetite Suppression

Kratom promotes weight loss partly by decreasing hunger to consume less calories. Most Kratom users state that specific strains work strongly to suppress their appetite when used on a regular basis. This desired effect begins to manifest after a few uses of Kratom, and intensifies with use on a regular basis.

Kratom does not damage your internal system, contrary to most diet pills and weight loss supplements. Kratom is considered safer alternative if you want to avoid the negative unhealthy side effects. It also helps to monitor food intake and avoid overeating and it’s the answer to reach and maintain your weight loss goals without the unnecessary stress.

❀ Reduce Food & Alcohol Cravings

The most challenging aspect to maintain a healthy diet is the food cravings. We all love chocolate, cheese and bread. Sticking to a strict diet and coming face to face with your food weakness can be too tempting to resist. The food usually wins and you have to start over to get back on track. The recommended use of Kratom is said to help reduce food cravings, especially junk food. To be clear, kratom will not take away the enjoyment you get when you do eat.

Many users say that it even reduces alcohol cravings. Keep in mind that alcohol turns into fat, effects digestion and nutrient intake. Alcohol could be the reason your stubborn belly fat isn’t going away. Do not stress as Kratom can aid to help you get off the bottle.

Indirect Effects

Decreased food cravings and appetite suppression are both direct effects of losing weight with Kratom. There are also some Kratom effects that help to lose weight indirectly. The indirect effect is the way you consume Kratom. Consistency is the key to everything in your life. This motto also applies to taking your Kratom; if you are consistent with the way you take your Kratom, then you will  get your desired results. Please note, this does not mean you should take more than the recommended dose as that can have a negative effect on your body. Combined with exercise and a healthy diet, Kratom has been shown to promote weight loss.



As mentioned earlier, you have to be consistent with the way you take your Kratom. It is also important to carefully select the type of strain that works best with your body, and a safe amount for your daily dosage. We will discuss the preferred strains and types of kratom and their functions below.

The three most effective strains that shed fat easily from the body are:

Thai Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, and Red Vein Strain.

✦ The Thai Strains are most effective when it comes to reducing your appetite. The Thai strains work to decrease hunger and increase feelings of fullness. It will give you increased energy to be active throughout the day, even though you are eating less than the usual amount.

✦ The Maeng Da Strain also works well to decrease appetite, and reduce food intake. This strain produces the highest level of energy.

✦ The Red Vein Strain is commonly used for weight loss because of the calming effects it has on the user. This strain promotes feelings of relaxation while producing energy.


If your main goal with Kratom is to lose weight, there are some strains that have different benefits that do not aid with this. You can steer clear of the following strains:

✦ The Indo Strains And Borneo Strains are mainly used because of their extreme pain killing properties. Each of these strain have the same effect but at different timing. In order for the user to enjoy the process of muscle relaxation and  reducing pain, these two strains do not provide energy. They are not recommended for someone trying to lose weight.

✦ Bali Strains have the ability to ease and relieve pain. These strains do not suppress the user’s appetite in any way and are not recommended for weight loss.


Kratom comes first. Always consume Kratom first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast.

Stay hydrated. Always take plenty of water whenever you are using Kratom.

✦  Kratom Only. Never combine Kratom with other weight loss pills or diet supplements.

Losing weight takes determination, hard work, and consistency. Armed with these three factors and Kratom, you are on your way to losing that excess fat!


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