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Returns and Cancellation Policy

Do we accept Returns and Exchange for your order?

We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality botanic products, so we offer a full refund or replacement for ‘defective products’ that are returned and received by The Healing East within thirty (30) days of order delivery.
The term ‘defective’ is defined by The Healing East as:
Non-Consumable Item: Arrives with visible damage, including breaks or contaminations of any sort.
Consumable Item: Arrives unfit for safe consumption, due to contamination, or packaging damage that exposed the product.
If you consider any ordered product ‘defective’ upon arrival, then within five (5) working days of receiving the merchandise, please contact our Customer Service team at to notify them that you would like an exchange or return. Our team will immediately email a return slip for you to enclose with the returned products. Please return the ‘defective’ products in their delivered packaging and arrival condition with postage prepaid to:
Cp. Ben Ackland
700 Indian Springs Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601, USA
17601 Lancaster Pennsylvania
United States Of America
Once we receive the return slip and inspect the product, we will send an email to notify you that we have received your return and advise whether it has been approved or denied. If the return is approved, we will then either fully refund your credit card for the purchase (including shipping), or ship replacement product to you free of charge, whichever preference you note on the return slip.
We reserve the right to refuse returns that are not requested within five (5) working days of arrival, or returned products that are not received by The Healing East within thirty (30) days of order delivery.

Can you change or cancel your order after it’s been placed?

Changes or cancellations require contacting our Customer Service support. Contact us immediately at after placing your order and we will do everything we can to accommodate your request. Our automated fulfilment processes commence very quickly, so be sure to contact us within 60 minutes of your order being placed.


How long until your order ships?

Orders received with payment confirmation before 3pm (GMT+8, Indonesia), will be processed on the same day. Orders with payment confirmation received after 3pm (GMT+8, Indonesia) will be processed and shipped the following business day (With the exception of Saturdays and Sundays).
Wholesale invoices and payments are verified and processed during 9am – 5pm (GMT+8) on Mondays and 8am – 4pm (GMT+8) Tuesday to Friday,
Our products are shipped from our fulfillment centre in Canada and USA, depending which country you are making the purchase from. Standard shipping is included and can take anywhere between 2-10 working days to arrive dependent on your country and destination. Express service is available as an added cost.
Shipping from within Canada is done from the west coast with limited working hours Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We will work diligently at fulfilling all orders after the order is confirmed and payment is recieved by our accounting offices. After the order and payment are confirmed, your shipment will be prioritized using Purolator delivery via land delivery.
Please email us at for any questions regarding your order and shipping.

Do we ship worldwide?

At the moment we do not ship worldwide and just fulfill our orders within Canada (wholesale only) and the US (retail and wholesale). But you will be the first to know if we are expanding.

Can you track your shipping?

Absolutely! You will get a confirmation and tracking number once your order is on its way. Please allow up to 24 hours for your tracking number to become active.

Product Questions

Do we offer different grain sizes for our powdered Kratom variants?

The Healing East offers Micro Grain. Having analyzed a wide range of leaf powders on the market, The Healing East found that the majority of products available contained excessive amounts of wood fiber and tree matter that dilutes the end result. The Healing East uses a unique filtering process, thus removing fibers and provides a more densely concentrated product. The light and fluffy texture is akin to flour, ensuring a highly concentrated, premium product.

Does our products contain sulfites?

Are all of our products 100% natural?

Absolutely! We only use the purest, sustainably harvested natural ingredients we can find. We do not use anything artificial (no chemicals, no dyes, no fillers, no synthetics, no preservatives and no artificial fragrance).