From Jungle Harvesting to Modern Day Packaging


This amazing leaf, sourced from the coffee related Mitragyna Speciosa tree, has a multitude of beneficial properties. Despite that, only few are aware of the kratom production process occurring from jungle harvesting to modern day packaging.

When we compare our competitor’s products and their processes, we know that our quality measures and extra production steps are much better.  We ensure that the quality and potency of our product is unique and one which we are extremely proud of.

The leaves are first harvested by hand in remote areas of Sumatra, Kalimantan and other parts of South East Asia. The harvesting of kratom leaves is a dangerous job.  It involves picking the leaves by hand and going through slippery trunks along the river banks.  This is a rain-forest after all!  In order to have a true high quality kratom product, each step of the process in making kratom products is crucial.

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