Boost Your Energy with Kratom

Boost Your Energy with Kratom

Boost Your Energy with Kratom

Our daily lives can be exhausting and draining both physically and mentally. Between every day priorities and expectations, no wonder we struggle and lack the energy to focus and take on these tasks. While some resort to drugs and other seemingly energy boosting substances, they find the effects are short-lived or have shocking side effects.

If you need something to keep you energized and focused throughout the day, without addictive properties or unpleasant side effects, Kratom is the right choice. Kratom is a local herb grown in South East Asia, cultivated by cultures since the nineteenth century for its numerous health benefits.

❀ Increase your energy, motivation, focus, physical/mental strength, and concentrate for longer periods of time
❀ Provide endurance and energy needed for strenuous activities and physical strength.
❀ Increase your ability to learn and retain information.
❀ Enhance your creativity and thought process.

Fun fact: Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree from the same family as coffee. You would be surprised how many users have replaced their cup of coffee with a cup of kratom to take on the day! Kratom has gained wide popularity in usage and demand. There are also many different brands sold by sellers and they all produce slightly different effects.


Types of Kratom


It may seem that there several types of Kratom out there. However, there are just three main strains that are identified according to the leaf varieties vein color. These strains are The Red Vein Kratom, The White Vein Kratom and The Green Vein Kratom.
❀ The White Vein Kratom is commonly used to provides users with energy and focus.
❀ When used in low dose, the Green Vein Kratom can provide a calm feeling of energy.
❀ he Red Vein Kratom is more commonly used as sedative, but in low doses can be used as a stimulant to provide energy.
These strains then have slightly different alkaloids due to the altitude and the soil in which they grow.


Mode of Action

Kratom contains alkaloids that target certain receptors in the body. In so doing, they modify the sympathetic nervous system producing a stimulating feeling. When they bind to these receptors, neurotransmitters are released which produces the desired effects.

It has been found that the effect of Kratom is dose-dependent. For a mild and euphoric effect, use a low dosage. If you are aiming for a sedative effect, a slightly larger dose of the Red Vein Kratom may be perfect. However, if you want something that will help you stay focused and energized, you most likely should try the White Vein Kratom.

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