About The Healing East

The Healing East is a retail business which makes natural Kratom powders and other Kratom botanical extracts. Our mission is to provide consumers the opportunity to buy environmentally sustainable premium botanical products at the most competitive prices on the market. We offer some of the best Kratom products worldwide, at the most competitive prices.


The true Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree (also known by its scientific name Mitragyna speciosa) and is part of the coffee family (Rubiaceae). The tree can reach up to thirty meters in height and is a seed bearing vascular plant (angiosperm) that is found throughout South East Asia. Kratom is also known locally in these areas by local names such as Ketum or Kakuam.
Although Kratom has been known and used for many centuries in South East Asia, only in relatively recent years has Kratom powder made from the trees leaves become popular as a natural alternative herb that has been found to be an effective antidepressant, pain reliever and even to be a psychotropic mood enhancer.
Kratom high in the remote jungles of Borneo is both organic and pure in form. Kratom powder contains numerous antioxidants and active alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These are the two main alkaloids believed that give this tree its unique properties.


Our Kapuas Kratom leaves (Red, White and Green) are ethically harvested from pesticide free primary forest tree leaves found at high altitudes in the Borneo jungles and they have been ground into a fine powder consistency. They are the highest quality strains of their type due to perfect altitude and growing conditions to yield the highest alkaloid levels. They are perfect on their own or they can be mixed with any of our other products sold such as the Plus and/or super enhanced kratoms to create your very own customized blend that is just right for your specific aromatherapy desires.
By producing and manufacturing our own unique products, we guarantee they are of the highest purity and quality. Our goal is to be able to provide this wonderful product at the highest possible quality to the widest number of people. This why we have such competitive prices. We aim to constantly strive to make new and improved products with our team of product developers to have the purest source of quality Kratom at money can buy.


The Maeng Da “Plus” refers to our proprietary trade secret process of infusing pure kratom extract into our premium fine ground Kapuas leaves (Red, White and Green) to form this unique and very potent product. We make our extracts out of the same organic leaves we produce all of our other premium powders from. Many reviewers have described our Plus varieties as being as even better than the top Maeng Da available on the market!


“Super Enhanced” here refers to our trade secret process we use for infusing the maximum amount possible of our kratom extract into our premium Kapuas Line of premium selected and finely powdered leaves (Red, White, and Green) to form this unique Healing East creation. The same process is used in making the Maeng Da Plus range. The difference between the two is that there is over two times as much alkaloid rich extract added to make this product. These products are by far the most potent and popular among our regular buyers. We make all our concentrates out of the same premium ground leaves we produce all of our premium pesticide free leaves harvested from primary jungle leaves. Many reviewers say that these are the best Kratom products on the market and at the best value and that they are superior to all the best Maeng Da’s out there! We invite you to try a sample to see for yourself!
Another big plus also found in the Super Enhanced product, for those individuals who dislike the bitter aroma of Kratom is that these products are reportedly having a much less bitter aroma due to our proprietary infusion techniques used in the process of making it – this is an attribute found only in The Healing East products and is not available anywhere else on the market. Although these varieties deliver the same aroma as our other premium products, you need much less of it to have the same result due to its extremely high concentration of alkaloids. The result is a 100% unique and pure premium Plus aromatherapy product! .
* Kratom is not FDA approved and is sold exclusively for external use only. It can be used for aromatherapy as well as incense and soap making. It is not intended for human consumption